ARTICLE : Exchange 4.0: At the exchange and beyond the exchange


“The GMEX Group and the Realization Group held a webinar on Thursday, 11 March 2021, to delve deep into the cutting-edge report ‘Out on a Ledger: How the advent of Exchange 4.0 will transform trading ecosystems?’.

Hirander Misra, Partner at Digital Partners Network, skilfully moderated the discussion and asked probing questions from experts at some of the firms pioneering the new world of crypto asset trading such as Anoop Nannra, Global Blockchain Segment Leader at Amazon Web ServicesCharles Kerrigan, Partner at CMS LondonDuncan Trenholme, Co-Head of Digital Assets at TP ICAPJessica Naga, Director Responsible for Legal and Compliance at SECDEX; and Nicholas Philpott, Director at Zodia (a joint venture between Standard Chartered Bank – SCB – and Northern Trust).


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