About Us

  • Digital Investment Fund PCC (“DIF”) is the world’s first fully regulated tokenised hybrid fund.
  • DIF is a Professional Fund registered in the Seychelles and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). 
  • DIF has been set up as a Protected Cell Company (PCC), with 3 cells initially. 
  • Focusing on providing finance for: 
    • FinTech equity projects
    • Green Finance equity projects
    • Green Finance debt projects
  • DIF is a ground breaking fully hybrid fund: 
    • Approved and regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA)
    • It offers the facets of a traditional fund structure combined with the ability to tokenise the whole fund, any individual cell or any component part
    • Bridges the gap between the current world and the new world by way of its hybrid structure.
  • DIF is set up to allow listing on regulated traditional and digital exchanges allowing ease of entry and exit for investors.
  • The DIF management team is well diversified with relevant experience and a proven track record in financial services, FinTech (including blockchain), wealth management, legal, real estate, CleanTech, private equity and transaction advisory.

Why have we launched DIF?

Refer to the attached Q & A

For an overview of DIF, please refer to this factsheet

Our Services

Digital FinTech Fund (DFF) – This fund cell has been created as a digital technology incubation / early stage investment fund to support global FinTech blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) businesses and has a worldwide target market and audience. 

For an overview of DFF, please refer to this factsheet

Digital Green Finance Equity Fund (DGFEF) & Digital Green Finance Debt Fund (DGFDF)

These fund cells have been launched to support global green finance initiatives. 

The sustainability platform will aim to consolidate small and medium scale projects in Africa.  

For an overview of DGFDF, please refer to this factsheet

For an overview of DGFEF, please refer to this factsheet

The DIF Ecosystem

DIF focuses on using and investing in innovative technologies for wealth management services. New products will be created and distributed in tokenised form via the Robo-advisory platform with integrated AI in partnership with a digital wealth management firm. 

Our People

Led by Hirander Misra, Managing Director

 : hirander.misra@digitalpartnersnetwork.com

 : +44 (0) 7917 893130

For General Enquiries :  fund@digitalpartnersnetwork.com

  • Highly experienced team with crypto, capital markets, corporate and private investing, as well as track record building successful businesses. 
  • Business development in finance, technology and sustainable initiatives.
  • Strong track record: the team has collectively managed both the purchase and sale of financial assets.
  • Exposure to corporate strategy as executives and investors.
  • Thought leadership in blockchain.
  • Strong network of decision makers in traditional finance, international academia, industry and global think tanks.